Who Are We

The founders of “Doo- Bee Toys & Games LTD” are a group of smart, bright and successful people at the top level of the Hi –Tech field. However, when they meet in order to invent a new game, the careers, the age and the seriousness, are all gone in a second, and the spirit of the game rests on everybody.


If you haven’t seen the guys inventing, you haven’t ever seen a brilliant brainstorming in your life. The ideas are flowing from one to another, dressing up with a variety of colors and rules, and the volume and enthusiasm are sky rising.


Another new idea has emerged; another new enchanting invention has been born. Another new game, which pleasure millions around the world, is yearning to be built.


Now is the time to work. Meeting for hours and days, working, changing, adding, deleting and making phone calls in the middle of the night, because one more great idea has come up, and suddenly within a few months, a new game is ready.


There it is: shining, smart and beautiful – a new game is born – congratulations!


Hey, wait a minute...
I got a new idea!
So when do we meet again guys...?

Doo – Bee Toys & Games has been around for many years and many ideas have come up. Some became games, some succeeded, and some have even achieved a huge worldwide success and became big hits like the “Lights out” and the “I- top” who caused a lot of heads in the world go spinning.

Naturally, some are yet to come and weren’t revealed yet.